While I spend most of my professional time in software development and software engineering, I also spend some of my personal time working on a variety of software projects, and contributing to open-source projects. Below are a few of the projects I’ve been working on lately.

Active/Recent Projects


Automatic MFA Decoder for RSA Tokens. Tired of trying to read and enter those 6-digits in time? Well now you don't have to! OpenCV, python, and an ESP32-CAM module can do it for you!


Parametric Roller Bearing Generator for Rhino3D


Real-time G-Code compression solution for 3D Printers

Open-Source Contributions

I have contributed to the following open-source projects:
  • SegoDec - A fast and reliable Python application using OpenCV to classify sevent-segment displays.
  • OctoPrint - Plugin development for gcode compression.
  • Imgui - Developed “tab” UI feature, now integrated into official repository.
  • Prusa MK3 Firmware and Marlin Firmware - Gcode compression feature (now official feature of Marlin, being merged with Prusa).
  • PrusaSlicer - User interface improvements.
  • Tensorflow - Corrected AVX/2 optimization and compiler issues for Windows systems.
  • And various small contributions and bug fixes to numerous other projects.

Other Projects

  • HeronClinic (Commercial) - Senior (Lead) software engineer for dental 3D scanning application
  • DebugAutoPatch - IDA plugin I developed to improve IDA’s byte/binary patching functionality.
  • STARvision - CUDA-powered sLSCI (spatial Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging) Platform
  • MAGNIvest (Personal) - Algorithmic trading platform
  • NasdaQuire (Personal) - Data acquisition and parser from NASDAQ
  • DSP SDK (Personal) - Digital Signal Processing SDK for VST/AAX/AU plugins