Automatic MFA Decoder for RSA Tokens. Tired of trying to read and enter those 6-digits in time? Well now you don't have to! OpenCV, python, and an ESP32-CAM module can do it for you!

Will be filled out soon.

Images in the meanwhile:

3D-printed enclosure to hold the ESP32-CAM module at a fixed distance.
Internals of the enclosure. A bracket holds the ESP32-Module in place, a thin piece of sheer white plastic distributes the light from the built-in "flash" LED module (also covered in painter's table for extra diffusion). And the RSA token is secured in place in a recessed slot.
Example image captured by the camera module.
Processed image (OpenCV) before the images are cropped out and classified. I developed the "SegoDec" software package for this purpose.