As part of my interests in 3D Printing, I also design and share/sell a few different CAD and product designs. Most of these were created using Rhino3D, but others were made using Autodesk Inventor, OpenSCAD, or Python.

Active/Recent Projects

2x2 E3D V6 Hotend Silicone Sock Mold

Silicone socks for your 3D printer are expensive! Why not make your own? With this easy-to-use mold, 4 individual silicone socks can be cast at once! No more waiting hours to make one at a time. I recommend using MoldStar 31T or Smooth-Sil 945 from Smooth-On, I've had good success with this kind of silicone rubber.

RHEG - Rigid Harmonic Epicyclic Gearing

This gearing system design provides an incredibly high and incredibly reliable gear reduction in a very small package. It also uses one of the cheapest and common stepper motors available. And it's entirely 3D printable!

5-inch Touchscreen LCD Module for Prusa MK3

This was designed to replace the stock LCD module on the MK3-series of Prusa printers. I moved the SD card slot to the front for easier access, added a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen for OctoDash/OctoPrint, and integrated a Raspberry Pi directly into the rear of the module.

Wider Nozzle for Black & Decker DustBuster

The stock nozzle which comes with the DustBuster was far too small and inefficient, and without a nozzle, the tip of the dust-buster formed too strong of a seal. I designed a new nozzle with air-channels to prevent a strong seal from forming, while also allowing particles to be sucked in. This was designed primarily to deal with the litter around my cat's litter box.

U-Post Bracket for 2x2 Post for Tomato Trellis

My wife needed a way to kep long u-posts from tipping over from the weight of her trellised tomatoes. To get around this, I formed a rigid link using a 2x2 lumber post, by securing the post to a bracket designed to fit over the top of the u-post.


25-to-1 Compound Gear Reducer

This was designed with 2 sets of ring gears of different teeth counts coupled by shared planet gears. The sun gear is driven by a motor and the output is reduced by input ring gear’s tooth count divided by the difference in ring gear teeth count.

Seed-pusher Plate

Another gardening tool, it is a 2x2 foot plate with evenly spaced holes for placing seeds at regular intervals. It also included a secondary plate with pegs to push the seeds into a known depth.

Silicone-Sock Molds

These are 2-part molds for casting silicone socks for 3D printer hot-ends. 2 types were produced, one for E3D V6 hotends, and another for Prusa Mini printer hotends.